AngelViewTM is a combination of advanced vision based algorithm programming and advanced hardware designed to work in harmony with a custom built iStation and a Central-iStation, (if part of a Paid Homecare Provider or Assisted Living Center's overall offering). The iStation monitors a homebound patient's movements, activities, and surroundings, constantly looking for pre-determined triggers that can then, using our technology, send a picture alert to your computer, caregiver, and cell phone. These alerts range from open doors, certain motions, a period of no motion and missing objects. The client can then access the cameras with live streaming video to their smart phone. This enables the client to make an informed decision before taking action. This is a powerful niche that only AngelViewTM has.

This provides for peace of mind when a family member cannot be there. This also allows for caregiver companies to expand their services to their clients and monitor their employees' performance. All triggers can be routinely reviewed in a reporting format. In effect, they now have a value-added service, which embodies a Quality Assurance component for themselves and regulators, all while bringing an additional revenue stream to the bottom line. AngelViewTM uses analog video cameras, a custom built CPU (iStation), Static IP address and a URL, and proprietary programming, with smart phones to deliver this service.

Risk mitigation is a highly important facet of the new directive by the Department of Health and Human Services' initiative to increase patient safety at home and provide for better doctor to patient communication. (I.e. Virtual doctor visits) Doctors who are part of the new teaming concept can take advantage of our product in their homebound patient's home. The nurses are provided with handheld high resolution cameras and smart phone conferencing ability so that the doctor can monitor a patient progress or illness during a planned nurse's visit. Hence our objective:

To implement smart home technologies as a compliment for people with physical disability, cognitive impairment or learning disability, who are living at home, and to positively affect the impact of these individual's health statuses and on the financial resources of the family and health care in general.

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  • 1st Responder CamTM is completely concealed.
  • Ruggedized and withstands off road terrain.
  • Comes with GPS for use with Sprint's fleet management solutions.
  • Uses the Sprint 3G network to transmit the video to a central station for distribution to second responders for vital life saving information or your Sprint Smartphone.
  • Has a zoom control feature from the headquarters.
  • Stores 24 hours+ of video in the unit.
  • Can easily download the data daily to the central station.
  • Non-interruptible live streaming video programming.
  • Ambulances, Fire trucks, Police Cars
  • Anyone that needs to stream live video to second responders and/or headquarter locations.
  • DOD and Military.
  • The data meets the new interoperability standards set forth with FEMA after Hurricane Katrina so it can be sent across departments and agencies.

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