Intelligent Safety USA, Inc.

Intelligent Safety USA, Inc. (iSafetyUSA) was created with new concepts in safety for your home and business. Located in Roswell, GA, iSafetyUSA serves all of Georgia providing products and services such as Remote Video Surveillance, Point-of-Sale Video Integration, Access Control systems, and monitored fire and burglar alarms. See our Products page for more information. We also have proprietary specialized products such as AngelViewTM and the FirstResponder CamTM.

iSafetyUSA takes pride in doing business. We use only the highest quality products that will last for many years to come and we guarantee the work of our technicians. We have aligned ourselves with quality partners for products, services and leasing options.

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The Company:

Tony A. Fountain (Business Development)

Tony Fountain graduated from a senior military academy with a BBA in Finance. He then worked his way through MBA School as a financial planner where he received his degree in Management. After that, Tony climbed the corporate ladder working his way from analyst to Chief Compliance Officer in several different Fortune 500 firms.

In 2004 he started his own firm, catering to independent producers nationwide. The firm grew to nine partners and 200 producers. After the recent financial crisis, he decided to sell his firm and switch industries.

Tony went to work as the VP of Marketing and Sales at one of his client's BEMS, Inc. Using the technology there he opened up a new market for the aging population in America, SMARTHOMECARE, Inc. Now Mr. Fountain is one of the Co-Founders of iSafetyUSA

Race Crespo, Director of Technology

Mr. Crespo began his career life in the United States Air Force as a specialist in electronic warfare systems. During his service there, he had a chance to visit and live in many countries abroad. Mr. Crespo continued his service in the Air National Guard for three more years while he went to school to be an air traffic control radar specialist. After that he continued his education at St. Louis Community College and worked on campus in charge of administrative computer systems. After college, one of Mr. Crespo's professors asked him to work at his medical accounting and software company where he managed the Unix based computer systems for medical and doctor's offices.

Mr. Crespo went on to work for a large computer networking company where he gained valuable experience in networking and telephony systems. While working for this company, he also learned Point-of-Sale systems and implementation. A couple of his largest accomplishments were POS system deployments at Oriel Park in Camden Yards and Turner Field. Mr. Crespo went on to work at a burglar and fire company, where he was a pioneer in bringing technology into the security industry. He was one of the first to bring concepts such as: POS video integration using analytics, event driven verification with video surveillance for burglar alarms that increased police response times, and streaming live video from first responder vehicles back to central stations and dispatches using the national 3G network.

Mr. Crespo was also the first to design and build a smart homecare computer based system that would allow for the elderly to age at home safely. This system used a hybrid combination of several technologies such as vision based algorithms, motion detection, and event based remote video surveillance. Another first was when he designed and bundled the first self contained remote video surveillance system in America using the new 4G network. The system included a pan/tilt/zoom remote video surveillance camera in an environmental enclosure that could be placed anywhere and viewed anywhere there was internet access. This particular system had built-in analytics and was truly intelligent. The system was showcased at the Public Safety Appreciation Day hosted by Sprint nationwide.

Now Mr. Crespo is the Director of Technology at Intelligent Safety where he is working on bringing even more cutting edge products and services to the industry.

Jessica Carle, CFO

Ms. Carle attended Paul Smith's College in NY and obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts Service Management. After a short stint in the restaurant industry where she worked as server to a kitchen manager and Cabana Captain, she decided that she was best fit working in a corporate environment. Her first corporate job was in the food industry, suitably, where she worked inside sales and account management for Inland Seafood. From there she went to work at MDT-tex Inc. as an office manager where she was in charge of the customer service department and was responsible for all standard duties for managing an office. Ultimately she became the Executive Assistant in charge of the North American distribution center for the German based company.

Now Ms. Carle is managing the accounting department at Intelligent Safety where she is streamlining corporate expenses and implementing more efficient accounting standards.

Martin Petrosky, Director of Field Technology

Mr. Petrosky is a highly skilled licensed low voltage technician. He specializes in high end video surveillance, complex access control solutions, fire and burglar systems. He has been in the industry since 1995 and worked for ADT as a senior field technician, and other local companies. He joined iSafety in 2012 and has worked his way to Director level, where he manages the field operations, and architects the high end solutions for our largest clients.

James "Mike" Reilly, Senior Field Technician and Team Leader

Mr. Riley is a highly skilled field technician that was licensed as a low voltage specialist in Florida until 1991. There he worked for large companies such as ADT and Circle Securities. Mr. Riley specializes in burglar/fire systems, video surveillance, and high end automated lighting. After he moved to Atlanta, he worked for Willet Wiring for 17 years as a team leader and high revenue accounts department manager. He joined iSafety early in 2010 and is now an accomplished technician for our company and in charge of client relations.

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